About Us

A unique and very interesting concept of donating money to people in need is just round the block and it is the Helpingall.us. We are a unique concept and are extremely easy to incorporate and all you have to do is register on our website www.helpingall.us and become our registered donor. Once you start donating you will start earning money as well and when you need it the most. The best part is, there is no owner and no boss to keep you on your toes and registering is absolutely free. Donate money to help people all around the world and they would donate to help you. This way this is a simple give and take process. Payment getaways are extremely secure and you do not have to fear about the risk of losing confidential data. Don’t look at this as a source of making money; just think you are helping people who really need the amounts of money you donate.

Future Plans
  • To reach maximum countries all around the world.
  • Be available to any person who needs us.
  • Give and take larger sums of money in donation.
  • Hit the highest mark of registered donor members when compared with competitors.
  • Be available in small counties where we are needed the most.
  • Give special benefits to early bird registered donors.

In a financial crisis you are not alone, if you are a member of the Helpingall.us; the whole world is here to help you. Make the most of it. Spread the word about our unique way of pooling in money and see how you start benefiting when we get more and more members registered.

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